Jonathan Heaslet has had a diverse career, first as a health economist, secondly as an ordained minister, and now as a Glossographer (a fancy word for Writer), Speaker, Author. (If you absolutely have to/want to know more sordid details, go to his bio on LinkedIn.)  

A writing class at Virginia Commonwealth University planted the seed which blossoms in all of his writings: Conflict. Our lives are marked indelibly and incessantly with conflict. As a result we want to read about how others deal with — or don’t! — the same issues that plague us. Or we may turn to our darker side and enjoy being a voyeur, titillated by a Schadenfreude at others’ failures or disgusted by their Gluckschmerz.  

His first book, HAWKS NEST CHRONICLES – STORIES FROM OSCEOLA, IOWA was released by Faithfull Press ( in 2020 (read an excerpt at the BOOKS tab). He is currently writing EAST OF APPLE GLEN — teaser also at the BOOKS tab — expected to be released in 2023. Watch for updates on this site!


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Words create worlds. What world do you want to visit? What world do you want to create?

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