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“I loved reading this book. It was as nice as ice-cold sweet tea on a warm summer day.”

“Charming, inspiring faith based stories situated in small town America made memorable because of the humor and grace they reveal.”

“The colorful characters, the heart-warming stories, and the message they convey leaves one with a warm feeling of comfort and a gentle challenge…”

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East of Apple Glen


Youve heard it said, you cant go home again. But what if you dont want to go home again? And what happens when you have to go home again? Thats the dilemma facing Nathan Sherwood upon learning that his mother and grandmother have just died, and he must return to face the truth about their deaths and his life.





Theres been an accident…”


With those four words, Nathan Sherwood is summoned home. His mother inexplicably has fallen off the roof of her house, his grandmother has died in her sleep. Two years out of college and starting a career in Washington, Nathans efforts to leave behind the pain of growing up in Apple Glen, Ohio come to a dead stop. Not only must he return home to bury Mom and Gram,” he must also confront what he thought was his buried past.


Joined by childhood friend   Robbye OMalley, Nathan discovers that the deaths of his loved ones may not have been an accident.” A third death, the shooting of a church youth group leader by Apple Glen police, impels the pair to work together and look beneath the surface of their seemingly picturesque town. As Nathan and Robbye talk with people in search of answers, stories of alcohol, rape, payoffs and paybacks emerge, while three names keep surfacing: Apple Glens Police Chief, the Town Trustee and football coach, and Wade The Spade” Speicher — Apple Glens funeral director.


In dealing with the demons of his personal grief, the search for his father and confronting the injustices in his home town, Nathan discovers the truth about the present is also the truth about his past. But will he have the courage to reveal the truth? Or will he continue to be a victim?